Student Selfie 4

I’m about to do something NEW! Two years ago this Spring, God whispered this one word to me from the depths of a passage in the book of Isaiah…”NEW“!  This three-letter word spoke directly to my heart and has since become significant and applicable to almost every aspect of my life. It is my mission to share its impact on my life with you through future posts, pics and stories. My NEW blog is an extension of that mission to spread Christ’s gospel, but through the NEW lens afforded me following my brush with death in 2010.

I am currently 26 days away (!) from a Master’s degree in Journalism through Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. The past two years have been a wonderful mixture of honing my writing and publishing skillset while testing my boundaries. I have been interning with a local nonprofit, Duet: Partners in Health & Aging, for the past 9 months and have gained extensive knowhow about the media landscape how to produce quality deliverables that reflect the voice of Duet. I hope to secure a full-time position at a local business or nonprofit. Everyone has a story to tell and I am passionate about curating those stories with honesty and integrity. I have recently begun to freelance as an independent writer. You can check out my work on the “Recent Work” page of this website.

Please re-visit often and comment every once in a while to let me know what NEW path, insight or discovery God is doing for you in your life.

Grace and Peace to you!

Bible passage of Isaiah 43:19
Isaiah 43:19, New Living Translation, found at https://www.youversion.com/

Janelle lives in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, two children, and two cats.   She enjoys reading, writing, coffee, chocolate, all things sparkly and…wait for it….NEW!