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Technically speaking…

To say this week has been overwhelming would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I have dove headfirst into the blogosphere and can barely keep my head above it all.  From RSS feeds and readers (I am currently using the Newsflow app for Windows 10 incidentally) to customizing my blog site with an aesthetically pleasing theme, I am quite sure my tech saaviness has been tested and improved…the jury is still out on that last one.  Thank goodness for the testing of faith it has wrought.  I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s presence through it all and can rest assured it is all good.  How about you?  Is your faith currently being tested and refined?  What brings you peace as you bob along your sphere of uncertainty?ScriptureImage31516

 Psalm 143:10, New Living Translation, found at

4 thoughts on “Technically speaking…

  1. Janelle, love your new Blog site. You always do things to the next level.
    Although you may feel overwhelmed at times, learning always brings a feeling of satisfaction and happiness with small incremental accomplishments.
    Yes my faith is continually being tested, but God continues to provide a beam of light on a path that I mostly do not understand. I just need to make sure I don’t stray too far from the direction that the illuminated path is leading.


  2. To be tested is something that happens over and over in life. To accept it as a part of our live of spiritual growth and understanding, and a quest to draw closer to God, is our challenge. Spreading Christ’s message through sharing insights into your own growth is truely inspirational, and I may add, your whole life and transformation has been an amazing inspiration already! Thank you for your loving messages!


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